The Fourth Dimension

I finished assembling the last window sash from my adventures on Monday. Last night I primed a single stick of window trim to be ready this evening. It went together super easily, super quickly and, thank goodness!, no more broken glass panes. After the assembly part, I caulked the 4 sashes to seal up the window trim.

A side note on technique: I used latex gloves for the first time tonight. They made the job of caulking much less messy and did great things for my caulk-spreading-finger technique. The only down side was the lack of breathability. By the time I was done, my hands were drenched with sweat inside the gloves.

The work tonight seemed to have more the right feel and timbre than this last weekend full of frustration.

DeShawn has stayed with Carole and his mommy, my daughter, Elizabeth in Columbia since Saturday. They went to the beach in Charleston overnight on Monday and from all reports, had a wonderful time. While they were at Fort Moultrie, Carole read the rules from the park signs to DeShawn. One of the rules was that there was no climbing on the cannons or the great earth embankments that shield the gun emplacements. It’s very easy for me to see in my mind’s eye, DeShawn listening seriously to the “rules” and trying to make sense of them. Carole related how, upon seeing the first embankment, DeShawn immediately began running down the steep grass slope. When reminded not to climb on them, DeShawn retorted, without a break in stride, “I’m not climbing on them. I’m going down them!”

This time he’s spent with them has, besides a great emptiness, given me loads of opportunity to work on 118 Henry Street. In retrospect, this probably contributed to my haste and urgency this past weekend.

The rhythm and pace of my work on the house changed when DeShawn began living here. Before, I might go days without doing much or maybe only work on the yard. Then, as the motivation built, I would work, more or less obsessively, for a few days or a weekend, accomplishing large, quantum changes in the house. Finally, again reverting to a less active stage for a bit. This timing allowed me great flexibility to procrastinate or activate as my moods colored the days.

Since DeShawn came, such motivational laziness has not been possible. Although I have, every day, some time to work on the house, the total amount is smaller. These everyday, compact intervals has caused me to be more journey oriented than goal oriented. Planning has replaced daydreaming and, generally, I’ve been better organized. I’m less manic and more careful, making sure each hammer blow or saw cut or tape measurement is quality.

So, like a kid on Halloween, bag filled with candy, this weekend I was given way too much time. I established goals instead of milestones and, of course, hurried to meet them.

I very much have missed him and am very excited he’s coming home tomorrow!