Lake Charles by Lucinda Williams

DeShawn and I stayed in Chester today to do some local business. Besides getting to sleep in until 7ish, we got several important things accomplished. Check this out, from 8:30 am til 10 am, we went to:

  1. the Department of Social Services and got his medical insurance approved.
  2. the City Treasurer’s office and paid some taxes.
  3. the DMV and got my car registration renewed.

And, had breakfast at one of the local fast food restaurants. Those of you reading this who live in any kind of metropolitan area will undoubtedly be envious of the efficiency with which these governmental interactions were dispatched. Any one of these 3 functions could take most of a work day in Charlotte or Columbia.

By noon, we had even spent an hour in the historical section of the Chester County library. Daggone it, I love living in a small town.

All the work I’ve been doing around the house lately has been very minor and maintenance oriented. The need to plan for the spring/summer work has enticed me to finally do some documentation about 118 Henry Street. The most exciting thing I’ve put together so far is the beginnings of a floor plan. Here’s a link to view a (very) preliminary drawing of the first floor: 1st floor floorplan. Shortly, the floorplan itself will be done (for both floors) and we will begin to add the utilities, joist layouts, etc.

While DeShawn napped today, I combined some of the information we got at the library with information harvested from the tax office last summer and conversations with my neighbors. The result is the beginnings of an historical timeline. A link to the timeline is here: historical timeline.

We’ll be going back down to Columbia this weekend for round 3 and final round of electrical work on Carole’s house. Last weekend, I rewired the back hallway and kitchen to remediate the back circuit that had originally downed the furnace. The only thing left to do for this weekend is connect up the back porch light. Carole’s not had a functional light in her back hall or on the back porch for almost as long as I’ve known her so this is a bit of a big deal.

Last weekend, while traversing her attic for 5th or 25th time, I discovered one of the furnace ducts was leaking air in a very major way. Undoubtedly we will have a go at fixing that as well.

Such is the life of an old house.