Mudroom Makeover — Exterior

Mudroom exterior before

After removing the awning

End of day 2. New floor joists in place


Still thinking I can save the exterior wall


The last of the demolition completed


Subfloor and plumbing in place. About to finish the framing


It’s a real wall!


Door casing and clapboards


Now all we need is the door


It’s a real door! (minus lockset)


Finished and in use

Mudroom Makeover — Interior

Looking toward the kitchen before. The clapboard walls and ceiling were originally the back porch 1921

Another before photo

The old floor removed

The floor joist that broke when I stood on it. The dark areas are water soaked and damaged

The rotten wood removed and starting to replace the plumbing

Now that’s floor framing!

New plumbing in place

Day 5. Essential laundry service is restored

Paneling the post-1921 walls with pine plank

Before. The washer hookup complete with water damage and electrical outlet in drip line

After. Nuf said