Needed Diversion

Carole and I went to Charleston this weekend while DeShawn went to Charlotte. The only “housework” was mowing the front yard when we got back this afternoon.

Carole with shell on Folly Beach, Charleston


Migrating butterfly takes a rest on the sanddunes at Folly


View from our hotel room of the new bridge

Besides wonderful weather for the beach, fall brings the Hurricane Lillies to Chester.

The West Bedroom

For its intended purpose, the west bedroom is complete. With the last coat of ureathane on the floor and all the handmade toe molding in place, DeShawn has agreed to move upstairs into the finished room. We still have to send off the door hardware to be re-plated but that won’t stop the moving in process.


DeShawn in-situ


Detail of the toe molding

As promised, here is picture of the mudroom door threshold. Still some finishing work to do, but finally one that fits and works.

Threshold Version 5.0 (yes, the fifth and final)

Vitamin B12

The west bedroom floor finish is mostly dry and should be “walkable” tomorrow afternoon. Scratch sanding the previous coats and cleaning up all the dust took most of Saturday. I vaccuumed the whole room twice, include walls. Then wiped it all down with tackcloth (including the entire ceiling). At least for a few days, it will be the most dust free room at 118 Henry Street.

Today, besides applying the floor finish upstairs, I worked on replacing the mudroom door threshold. It’s never been quite right even after a couple of tries at improving it. Pictures to come later.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of oldies but goodies of the mudroom makeover, April 2004:

(Warning: looong load times)

First, a slideshow of the interior work.

Second, a slideshow of the exterior work.