Double Monday

DeShawn was out of school today so I took the day off work to hang out with him and Howard. Howard is my stepson, Carole’s son, whose lives in Columbia. He came to Chester around supper time yesterday. Although he and Carole regularly communicate via phone, we don’t get to see him as much since Carole moved to Chester. We were glad to have him visit.

The weather was cool and partly cloudy. DeShawn and I spent almost all the day outside. He, digging in the dirt, riding his bike, squirting his squirt guns, and all the other things an energetic little boy can get into. I finished up my Sunday project, the rehab of an old desk.

The desk was left by the PO’s (previous owners) in the shed and looked to have been used as writing table or drafting desk. After stripping all the old paint, I added some trim, cove cut the legs, and stained everything with a russet colored deck stain. Here is a picture of it, stain still drying, hinges not yet added:

Rehab’d writing desk

We’re going to put it in the West Bedroom, now being used as a study. There is a bit of history behind the designation of “West Bedroom” that can be found here. Since that time, the room has always been designated for DeShawn. Yet, as we swung into the perigee of moving him up there, the time didn’t seem quite right. So, at least for the temporary, we have elected to use the room as a study/guest room.

Here are a couple of pictures:

My computer and view of the backyard

The “guest bed”