The progress (??) continues….

It’s been a busy past month both at home and work. Here in Chester, Halloween, by itself, keeps us busy for a whole week. What with�a school carnival one night, a Halloween carnival at the YMCA the next evening, and then Trick or Treat itself.

Around all this hubbub and my work schedule, we have managed to continue demolition on the kitchen annex. Here is the damage from the roof leak the PO’s (previous owners) had concealed with ceiling tiles:

Kitchen annex ceiling

Looking in the opposite direction from the ceiling is a veritable lesson in the history of home decoration with it’s layers of floor fashion. Note the urine colored 70’s vinyl.

Kitchen annex floor

Finally, a vision of wood minus 4 coats of bubbled, alligatored and sloppily applied paint. Be sure to hold your breath while looking at this one…the lead dust is thick on everything.

Kitchen annex windows

Likely the destruction will continue till after the holidays……