Turning the Page

Invariably, there are those times when (un)expected surprises create more work than originally anticipated. Our most recent opportunity for this phenomenon was under one of the windows in the Kitchen Annex.

Water leaking in the window had swollen and rotted the plaster below one corner. The bad plaster was excised and all looked well for a small repair (see “Back to the Future” for a photo).

But, while working on the window sill, it was apparent that the water had been coming thru a gap between the sill and stool. (Window geek speak here.) After removing the apron and stool, we could tell that the cause of the water leakage was that the sill had not been angled correctly.  Normally, the sill in a window will be tilted 5-10 degrees to shed water to the outside of the window.

We raised the back of the sill and screwed a ledger to the frame for support. But, much of the lath under the window was loose and there was more plaster damage revealed.

Window frame repair and much larger plaster hole

The remainder of the window restoration is pretty much going according to plan. The frame has been completely scraped, sanded and primed. The glass has been removed from the sashes. And the sashes scraped and sanded.

Window sash before restoration


Removing paint from window sash