The high point of this week, if you ask DeShawn and Carole, was the snow storm we got last Thursday morning. Four inches of snow fell in about the same number of hours. The wet, heavy snow completely covered everything for a day or so. An unplanned day off school for them both!

Snow still coming down

For me, the best day was Saturday. After getting over a very nasty stomach/intestinal bug, I finally felt well enough to work on the Kitchen Annex.

In the class of Plastering 101, Kitchen Annex Building, I’m preparing to take the final exam. The 2 basecoats of MOP (Master of Plaster) are in place on the walls. I’ve studied trowel technique, purchased a whole new set of tools, and probably made every noob mistake possible. The good news: all the “learning experiences” with the basecoats will soon be covered by the finish coat material. The potentially terrifying news: all “learning experiences” with the finish coat material will likely be evident forever (or, at least, until someone removes all the plaster from the walls).

We wait on the final process before publishing any more photos of the walls. In the interim, here are a couple of shots from the “lost years” between the current blog and the old one.

Outside the Kitchen Annex windows, the original 100 amp meter box and the upgraded 200 amp new one. Note also the new wood siding, red door, and proper flashing between the siding and the steps.

Meter box before

Meter box after