Plaster Obsessive

In about 5 short hours this weekend, we have applied the final layer of plaster to about half the total wall area in the Kitchen Annex. While the rapidity of application is amazing, the most astounding (and most pleasant) result of the work was the high quality of the finish. Carole described the feel of the dried finish to “porcelain”. It is very hard and polished smooth. In the unpainted finish, there are “veins” and burnish marks not unlike marble. Little wonder that the MOP is mixed with color and applied unpainted in some applications.

We waited all week for some new leaf trowels and a blister brush to come via internet mail order, but, so far, they are a no-show. While we wait, here is a picture of the tools currently in plaster use at 118 Henry Street:

Plaster tools

  1. 14″ trowel for applying base coat�to large uninterrupted wall areas
  2. 11″ trowel for most general purpose application and smoothing
  3. 6″ detail trowel for small areas such as above a window
  4. 6″ drywall knife for carrying plaster, scraping the trowel, and detail work
  5. 3/4″ plastic drywall knife cut down in width to function like a leaf trowel for narrow wall areas such as between a door frame and a wall
  6. 2″ margin trowel for narrow areas

By far the majority of my time was spent with the 11″ trowel in my right hand and the 6″ drywall knife in my left hand. Not shown is the ever present 5 gallon bucket of water, wet towel and water spray bottle. The bucket of water and towel are used to keep the tools clean. The water spray bottle is used to wet the plaster as it sets up to facilitate smoothing and burnishing.

Switching gears and rooms…

An old repair to a plaster crack in our bedroom (originally a study) broke loose this morning. I peeled away the loose paper and was rewarded with a complete paint color history of the room.

Paint history of the front study

In order from youngest to oldest:

  • A. Current off white
  • B. Pale pinkish rose
  • C. Dark salmon rose
  • D. Dark grey sage green
  • E. Original unfinished plaster

Switching gears and rooms again…

A picture of my stepson, Carole’s son, Howard in the dining room. The “green room” as DeShawn has taught us to call it.

Howard in the Green Room