The Proverbial Bee

Another of those “not enough time to work on the house AND write about working on the house” periods. Just making time to work on the kitchen annex has been a challenge. Still, with will comes progress…check out the Kitchen Annex Project List for more detail.

The big dramatic changes in the kitchen annex have been finishing the plaster work and drywalling the ceiling. The finish plaster work, though far from journeyman perfect, repairs and restores the beauty of the original walls. For an old house like 118 Henry Street, the plaster’s slight imperfections are more charming than mirror smooth new construction anyway.

What big plaster repair?

My daughter, Elizabeth, helped me hoist the 1/2″ drywall panels up to the ceiling weekend last. We made all the noob mistakes, up to, but not limited to, breaking the edges in several places, missing the furring strips with the drywall screws, and leaving very uneven gaps between the sheets.

For better or worse, the sheetrock materials are made for fast, under the rug style, fixups. In all candor, how could it be worse than the original ceiling?

Kitchen annex ceiling before

Kitchen annex ceiling in progress