Eyes to the Soul

A combination of factors has made updating the 118 Henry Street chronicle more erratic. Weekend work for my office, kitchen annex tasks becoming more detail oriented, and a focus on action instead of documentation, all have an impact on update frequency. My apologies.

Les touches actuelles are window restoration activities. Before finishing all the wood trim and molding in the kitchen annex, we must restore the window sashes and frames.

Most of the problems with the windows are related to rot/water damage to the sashes. Here is a very common scenario where the mortise in the side of the sash weakens the end grain of the edge, causing it to break apart. A typical repair involves hardening the wood with liquid epoxy or cyanoacrylates, then filling in the holes with solid epoxy compound. I like Abatron. (Note: For those purists among ye, these 2 photos are not a before/after comparison…just representative images).

Window sash end grain damage

Epoxy repair

3/4 view of the same repair showing build up of a lost chuck of wood

Here is a direct comparison:

Window sash before

Window sash in progress

Don’t hold your breath…