What I did on my spring break, Part 1

Built 67 feet of picket fence.

The feng shui of our yard and view was disrupted in a major way when our next door neighors cut down a long row of 6′ high boxwoods. Our lot and house sit up a couple of feet higher than theirs, the high shrubs provided us both with a much needed screen. What possessed them to expose themselves? Probably the same neural discharges that designed the oh-so period stockade fence. Anyway…the view from these first 2 pictures is from our side porch.

Fence posts, end of day 1

Fence in place, end of day 3

We pre-painted the posts, rails, and the back of all the pickets so we wouldn’t have to trespass later. However, we’re waiting the prescribed 5-7 days before painting the front side.

Here is a couple of images from the perspective of the mudroom entrance.

View B.F. (before fence)

View A.F.

Hopefully, we will have more to write about later in the week.