What I did on my spring break, Part 2

Cleaned house. Dinked around. Recharged.

Today was a rest day A.F. We cleaned house a bit this morning, mostly washing/storing winter bed clothes.

DeShawn has finally made the treehouse-that-isn’t his own. He moved some books, art supplies, and Halloween decorations out there. I spent some time with him while he drew pictures of Pokemon monsters.

DeShawn at work in the treehouse

Here’s another shot of the not-so-treehouse from last July. DeShawn is flinging himself off the ladder to swing on the rope while Ben watches.

Not-really-a-treehouse treehouse�

Global warming may or may not exist, you choose. Fact is, with no winter to mention and an early, wet spring, we have some unusual flower phenomenon in the yard. E.g., This picture of snowbells and vinca.

Snowbells and vinca

Snowbells are usually the first green to poke thru the snow in the very early spring. Vinca usually doesn’t show up until late in April.

Also, the azaleas are already in bloom. Very early.


We going to go see a movie this afternoon. More to come later…