What I did on my spring break, Part 3

Mowed the grass. Painted a fence. Worked on some windows. Got my taxes done.

Though not quite 5-7 days, the fence pickets dried out enough for me to get them painted. Between you, me and the fence post, I took a beating on the labor costs for building the fence. The materials estimate from 3 weeks ago was within 5% of our actual spending. But, boy did I underestimate the painting time. My final estimate had me painting the fence, including the posts, in 4 hours. We have spent 8 hours so far, with a little left to do.  Here’s a pic of me just short of stopping at the last 8 feet.

Painting the fence

The kitchen annex window sashes we’ve been restoring are finally on their last mend. Completely repaired, with 2 coats of primer, they’re all but ready for glass. We scavenged a sash out of one of the bathroom windows to get more float glass.

After so many windows, there are still tricks to learn. To whit, a chisel and tack hammer are the easiest and least destructive way to get the old glass out of the sashes. We tried Dremel tools, all manner of scrapers, box cutters, heat guns, etc. to extricate the old window putty but, inevitably, lost 1/3 of the panes in the process. With the chisel/hammer technique, we got 100% glass recovered with no increase in time.

Window sash in progress II

Window sash before

Carole’s been very busy in the yard with 4 new garden beds. Photo coverage coming soon!