A tree falling in the forest

Carole’s new floor/vegetable beds are doing great despite the bad frost we had last week. She was diligent about keeping them covered at night so all, but a couple, little plants survived.

This bed has a mixture of flowers and vegetables.

New vegetables in process

This herb and spice bed is right next to the side porch steps for easy access. It’s a great sheltered spot that gets strong morning light but little of the harsh afternoon sun.

Herb garden

Our neighbors, who shall remain nameless (but mentioned in previous, recent posts), decided to remodel their kitchen. Of course, this means destroying and discarding the 100 year old built-in cabinets. Luckily for the cabinets, and 118 Henry Street, we grabbed them as soon as they hit the side of the road. The cabinet bodies were irreparable but the doors and hardware are imminently restorable.

Rescued cabinet doors

All of this hardware appears to be original. Note the lack of paint where the latches and hinges were removed in the pic of the cabinet doors. We’re only missing one hinge.

Rescued hardware

Rescued cabinet drawers

The construction details, beadboard, and hardware match the built-in in our “green room”.

Carole has already approved a hutch design based on these beautiful antiques. Of course, finding the time to build is always the challenge..sigh..