It don’t matter if you’re good or you’re baad…

There is, indeed, a direct relationship between what you, curious reader, see on this online tome and the amount of work being done on the house at 118 Henry Street. And, maybe you’ve noted, that ain’t much lately. In truth, work for my employer has taken over all of my extra energy. It really started in December last year. For a while, we fought the valiant fight, trying to cram all the disparate activities into the normal day. Alas, the paycheck has won this last round. For two solid months, I’ve done little except what was demanded of me.

E.G., Thursday/Friday last week, I was out of town overnight. Worked until 10:30pm Thursday night. Saturday the following, worked remotely 6.5 hours on a server upgrade. Monday the next, reported to customer at 7:15am for internet upgrade and finished the day working from 7 to 9pm on a customer’s remote connection problem. Wednesday following, worked til 9pm onsite with a workstation problem. All this in addition to the normal 40, say normal 50 hours.

It has been easier to work on the Henry Street network than the house…despite the leaking roof, the broken windows, and other remnants of honest labor.

To whit, here’s a photo of the structured network cabling box that we put under the house in February of 2006. At that time, we wired four rooms of the house for network and cable tv. Since then, we’ve wired up 2 more rooms.

Structure cabling box under the house.

New power circuit to the cabling box

In January this year, we bought the hardware to make a server and created an Active Directory domain. Our design goals, in order of importance,�were:

1) Roaming profiles so that any of us could log into any of our 4 computers and get our individual data and settings

2) Secure user accounts so that visitors and children could not compromise our systems

3) Web filtering based on user account so that visitors and children could not abuse our network

4) Hosting our own email so we are not at the whim of a web hoster for quality of service, spam protection or security

5) Truly secure wireless internet access for us and visitors

6) Centralized maintenance of all computers on the system

7) Shared printing and files

A network diagram of our system (click on the image for a full size, readable view)

Of the 2 hardware upgrades we needed, the HP gigabit switch is now in place. What is left is implementing the Fortinet Fortigate firewall.

Structured cabling box with HP switch

Carole’s flower beds are doing great…no thanks to yours truly.

New flower beds at 3 months old

Don’t hold your breath……