Catch up

Too much going on with the roof project to write much but here are some photos from the�first half of our odessy.

WARNING: some of these images are not suitable for viewing by owners of modern houses. Only folks acquainted with the..ahem..joys of old house ownership may be able to withstand the visual impacts.

First day of demolition, looking out the east bedroom dormer

Ben, my son, helping with the demo

Along with Ben, Eric, my nephew-in-law, has been a tremendous help. Without them, we could not have even envisaged this project.

Roof deck below east bedroom dormer

The hole in the roof decking indicated by the arrow has the following view of the attic:

Rain bucket in attic since 2003

Roof deck removed, rafters exposed

Aforementioned bucket, moldy insulation and 2×4 rafters..oh joy

All of the cellulose insulation is now gone, to be soon replaced with new (non-moldy) fiberglass..thanks Deborah and Mike!

The following is a series of pictures concerning the kitchen and roof over the kitchen. First, the second biggest roof leak we had:

Kitchen roof leak not getting any smaller since 1921

Roof deck above kitchen

The slope break in the roof deck is directly over the leak. Difficult to see but most of this flat decking is rotted with water damage.

Big kitchen leak to the right of the chimney

Finally, with all the decking, insulation, and rotted wood removed, we have created….

A kitchen skylight…sorta…

During the rain last week, Eric and I tried to make the most of it. We removed all the shingles from the carport and prepared it for new metal roofing. When done, it will match what we are putting on the house.

Working while we can

Last Friday, the end of the 3 day rain spell, was definitely a low point for us. We had a huge hole in our roof and the rain just kept getting stronger. Finally, things got so soaked that the progress-o-meter began turning backward and forward progress was being negated by damage to�all the work we’ve done in the kitchen annex.

Kitchen annex leak

We will have to redo the ceiling drywall…sigh…

The last weekend brought back the sunshine and we were able to get back to work. The culmination on Sunday was the actual start of construction. Viola, says Ben.

First of the new rafters

Closeup of the first new rafters

The highlight of the weekend was Sunday lunch. Carole cooked Cuban soul food: roast pork, collard greens, rice’n’beans, and mac’n’cheese.

Cuban soul food makes a family smile