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Tho technically we still don’t have a roof, the kitchen skylight is gone. We never recovered from the loss of 3 days to the rain. We did get the new roof deck completely covered with WeatherLock before officially closing the weekend. In the interim, we have a “water resistant” roof.

Here are some pix of the new roof taken on Saturday at or near the completion of the roof decking.

All the framing was 2×8 using a combination of steel hangers, blocking and screws to attach new roof to the existing house.

New roof framing around the chimney

New roof framing and repairs at east bedroom

Contrast this:

New roof decking at east bedroom

With this:

East bedroom roof before

Also, compare this:

Goodbye kitchen skylight

With this:

No more flat roof to collect water

Roof line before and after:

No porch covering

New roof line

Ultimately, a straight soffit from the addition will extend across the back doorway and terminate at the window on the original house. This will form the line for the porch ceiling and a new partial wall over the red door entrance.

On the kitchen window wall (west) side of the house, the new roof line eliminates the “add on” look of the addition.

Look, a square room crashed into our house

More natural roof line