Mini hiatus

It’s been a while since we last posted. The almost 90 days of our silence should not, however, imply inactivity at 118 Henry Street. Not only has it been busy with my employer, but also, very busy with DeShawn, and pretty busy working on the house.

Two weekends ago, we spent all Saturday just organizing the Henry Street “lumberyard” under the carport. Our stash of building materials is a mix of modern lumber, antique bricks, recycled wood from the house, metal roofing materials, several antique doors, a couple of antique fireplace covers, a workbench…you get the image. It hadn’t been cleaned up since before building the new roof last Thanksgiving.

While cleaning the house weekend before this, I came across some notes from the great blog hiatus. Specifically, it’s a work journal from when I was working on the front porch. For several years (apparently), the roof had leaked at the joint where the front of the house met the back of the front porch. All the wood was so rotten and mildewed, the porch was completed separated from the house on the west side.

Yes, that’s mold and rot

Even the 4×6 header above the front doors was completely rotted thru. Needless to say, this is all now repaired.

Here’s the work log from that time period in 2004:

8/31 Plumber came and fixed water leak under the house
9/4 Saturday Started digging the new sewer line outside the foundation
9/5 Sunday Finished digging out for new sewer line. Moved builtin from backroom to kitchen
9/6 Monday Tore up ceiling in living room
9/7 Buckets under several roof leaks
9/8 Repairs on roof. Inspected attic for new roof ties
9/9 Researched and priced metal roofing. Spent weekend at Carole’s house cleaning
9/13 Removed rest of wall dividing back room and kitchen
9/14 Demolition of chimney covering in kitchen and remove cabinets over stove alcove
9/16 Built new sink stand for kitchen
9/17 Removed sink, sink counter, and associated cabinets
9/18 Removed 2nd floor from kitchen. Set up sink on new sink stand
9/22 Measure and photograph roof. Some planning
9/26 Remove rotten wood from soffitt left side of porch. Neighbors give me some cast iron light fixtures
9/27 Hurricane winds and rain, clean one of the “new” light fixtures, buckets under leaks
9/28 Remove rotten wood from porch ceiling
9/29 Continue demolition front porch. Remove right side door casing. Strip paint from another “new” light fixture
9/30 Bought some materials for the front porch. Measured some more
10/2 Finished all the demolition under the porch
10/3 Planning, demolition of porch roof. Brace roof from underneath. Decide on shingles
10/4 Finish bracing porch, start demolition of rotten porch framing
10/5 Continue removing rotten porch framing. Prime paint light fixtures
10/6 Ditto on porch framing
10/8 Clean up broken plaster in living room above front doors. Foam insulation to replace plaster for a while
10/9 New header over the front doors in place

More updates on the way. Til then, here’s a picture of DeShawn at the school awards ceremony in February where he won a medal for making the principal’s list (all E’s for excellent) and a special honor for having the most improved test scores in the whole school.

The reluctant scholar