Just in time for spring

I had hoped to work outside all weekend on the exterior of the house, but yesterday was very stormy. Significant spring storms made for tornado watches all over the western part of the state. Thunderstorms and heavy rain kept us indoors all day Saturday.

We used the rainy day to insulate the little back attic space above DeShawn’s bedroom. Entering this part of the back attic is thru this tiny access door I built and is quite tight.

About 14 inches wide

Since January, we had been slowly replacing all the insulation under the new metal roof over top the kitchen and back attic space. The space above DeShawn’s room was the last left to do.

Here’s what it used to look like over the kitchen when we were building the new roof in October:

All good for your allergies

When we had the roof off last year, we cleaned out most of the old insulation but there was still a bit left under the windows in the above photo. I cleaned the remainder out in January (6 garbage bags full) completely vacuumed it all, and plugged all the holes in the ceiling with spray foam/caulking. The net result in the same area as above (but from a different angle) is shown here:

Knee wall to the right is under the windows in other pic

A 180 turn from the above picture’s perspective has this view:

Toasty warm thanks to Deborah and Mike!

This publication from the Fed’s EnergyStar program is great for old houses. The techniques for dealing with knee walls and air infiltration were especially applicable to 118 Henry Street. After all was said and done, even Carole could tell the difference in the kitchen.

As part of this insulation project, we had to re-wire the kitchen lights with modern electrical wire. The original knob and tube wiring is very prone to overheating when surrounded with modern insulation. About 40% of my time on this insulation project was actually spent doing the re-wire.

Knobs and tubes

All and all, the re-wiring, plugging all the air infiltration holes, and insulating the attic space had a very satisfying and noticeable conclusion. There’s still work to be done in the attic but nice to feel the difference so far.