More updates from the end of winter ’08

A few items remain to be updated from the mini-hiatus this past winter.

One of the more significant changes to 118 Henry Street was the creation of a porch over the mudroom entrance at the side of the house. Once a porch, the mudroom has gone thru at least two transformations (the last one documented here) to manifest it’s current function/form. One result of these transformations was that there was no rain cover over the entrance.

One, very important, design goal of the new roof was to put some weather protection� back over this entrance.

Protected from rain, but not very pretty

Framing in place, kinda drafty

Basics of a ceiling in place

The ceiling is all new tongue and groove pine flooring that needed a little edge routing to match the other porch ceilings. One of the interesting things about 118 Henry Street is that the pine floor boards, the porch ceiling boards and the original roof sheathing were all the same size and type of southern yellow pine t&g boards. The only differences between the 3 applications were small router cuts (or lack thereof).

A traditional southern porch ceiling, crown molding and all

Note, also, that we got the window to the kitchen annex put back in.