16 Tons…

This weekend was our birthday remembrance weekend at 118 Henry Street. Today is Carole’s birthday and next Thursday is my and my twins birthday. Yesterday evening, Ben, the male member of my twins, came to visit. We spent a good part of the evening going thru several dozen of my hundreds of photographs made from the thousands of negatives I’ve shot over the years. We also took out all the old schoolwork I’d saved from when Ben, Liz and Will were in grade school. Lots of memories and laughs for all.

Carole is really about the gardening in the spring so I got her some gift cards with which to buy some plants. She was off to the stores most of the day and returned with a very southern, traditional pink dogwood tree. DeShawn and I planted it in the front yard near our property line with the Bell’s next door.

Skulls and all

Yesterday, DeShawn told his uncle Ben, “I (DeShawn) used to be a Goth.”

While Carole was away spending her birthday lucre, I worked on the west bedroom exterior wall, above DeShawn’s bedroom. No really good pictures but what we’re doing is replacing all the clapboards. This side of the house gets beaten up by the spring and fall storms so much of the exterior wood was rotted and/or split to pieces. All of the clapboards will be replaced and about half of all the trim.

Progress on the exterior walls created by the new roof is paused for lack of a router table insert. I bought the router bit to make the trim molding but the router table needs a much bigger (3″) hole for the bit to center properly.

Here’s a pic of the soffits and fascias in progress:

More to come