A Book of bluesy Sundays

Today, we continued working on the back southwest corner of 118 Henry Street. Albeit, more or less on the ground and certainly not on the roof.

The exterior kitchen wall with window has always been in pretty rough shape. This backside of the house gets all the rough weather in spring and fall with little benefit of sun to dry things out. The foundation sill is in pretty bad shape (warning: this link is not for the home remodeling faint of heart), the clapboards were all rotten under the alum siding, and the window trim was so soft and spongy, it broke apart under disassembly.

Here’s the wall at it’s complete demolition with new tar paper:

Worst rot since the front porch roof

I’ve covered the bottom of the wall with pressure treated plywood until we get to fixing the damaged sill. The good news is that the wall is pretty small and is fully supported on both sides. Settling of the wall is virtually non-existent. Water damage, on the other hand…

Primarily because of it’s massive thickness, the window sill was salvageable with some wood hardener and epoxy repair. Every other bit of the exterior window frame trim had to be replaced.

Left side of the repaired window sill


Another view of the repair

Besides replacing all the existing exterior wood on the wall, we’re also building a small “roof” over the window to further protect it from weather damage.