All about the kid

Long time readers of 118 Henry Street know that infrequent posts to this website do not necessarily mean reduced work on the house. However, in the recent 2 month gap, no updates are a direct result of a mighty lack in restoration progress.

We have been very busy (true dat!) with work-work (my employer) and with DeShawn. Thus, this update…

On the school front, he finished the school year with 3 quarters on the A-B honor roll, and 2 quarters on the Principal’s All A list. He won a special award for the most improved test scores. Best of all, his reading level has improved from below grade to well prepared for the next grade.  See here for a picture of our reluctant scholar.

2nd grade graduation with friends


With our wild rose bush clones

Contrast the above with this picture from 2004.

Picking strawberries (with his mouth)


With Carole at Angel Oak in Charleston


DeShawn’s been swimming as his sport of choice for a full year now. He swam in the winter YMCA league. Currently we are smack in the middle of the June summer league. For whatever reason, the kid’s got a fire in him to win.

With team mate, Kenneth


Here’s a link to a video (definitely SFW although a little loud) that Carole and DeShawn made of his winning a blue ribbon for freestyle at the Camden meet.

Finally, my favorite picture of him this year:

Swammer 2008