Almost winter swim update

DeShawn swims with the YMCA team during the winter swim season. We had a meet in Pickens today with 4 teams competing. DeShawn swept all 4 individual events he swam and the Chester 9-10 boys relay team won 2 first places.

Here is a video of his 50 yard freestyle race:


Thursday night before he went to bed, he looked at me straight in the eyes, and said, very softly, “I want to swim.”

November 19, 1999

Last of the unusual interspecies juxtapositions:


Happy 10th Birthday to DeShawn!

Belated harvest post

It’s taken a few days to put this entry together, not for any inherent difficulty. Simply, I got sick. A triad of feverish nights and not kinder, gentler, or prettier for the result, we can now go to post.

The Rushing-Wade method of lawn management can be overdone. After removing the spirea in the front yard, we let the grass grow up and go to seed. Only thing, we sorta over-waited to cut it. The perfect time is when the stalks are still green, thick and moist, but the seeds can be gently rubbed off the heads. When stalks start to look like straw, the seeds are still good but the grass may be harmed by cutting. Here’s what the bad looks like:


Note also the brown patches in the cut grass

The net result will do. Compare:


Big patch, no grass



Big patch, yea grass

The little purple-pink flowers in the foreground are Oxalis. Most urbanites call them wood sorrell and treat them as weeds. Of course, we are all about contrary at 118 Henry Street. We let them grow in many places and have even transplanted them into the flowerbeds. A big part of their beauty is if you don’t like’em, mow ‘em. If you like’em, mow around them to get beautiful little flowers.


Most of our Oxalis is the violet variety

But we do have one patch of white.


Volunteer in the flower bed

If you can’t poison, prod, or kill it out of your yard, change it’s name and send it our way. We’ll find a place. It’s also good to chew.

With the front yard cleaned up and the first of a few days spent gathering leaves, things looked pretty good.


Autumn afternoon

Last post, we had a surprisingly strong, positive reaction to the “Aww…” picture. So here is the counterbalance, just so the universe stays straight on course.


Unholy alliance for vent heat