What might be

A really busy weekend this past. The big news is that Howard graduated from Navy boot camp on Friday, March 13. Carole went to Chicago/Great Lakes for a few days to see his graduation ceremony and take him on leave.

Howard the sailor

He made the decision to join the military on his own and for his own reasons. We’re very, very proud of him.

While Carole was away, DeShawn and I stayed busy around the house, working on the floor in the kitchen annex. When we bought the house, the kitchen and kitchen annex floor were a complex sandwich of floor fashion from different eras, none of them very attractive.

The last of the layers to remove in order to reveal the original pine boards was (real) linoleum on top of tar paper/adhesive. A mighty search of the interwebs revealed that a wallpaper steamer was the fastest and safest way to remove these two.

DeShawn cleaning up the linoleum

Assume the scaping position!

This is the first time DeShawn has helped out in a nearly grownup way. He sustained a couple three hours of very adult work and did a good job at it.

Still life with wallpaper steamer

Details of exposed wood grain

The finished floor is going to be beautiful if earlier finishing efforts in the west bedroom are any indication.

The wooden boards, at this point, pre-sanded, very much resemble, in look, feel, and smell, the floor of an old barn. The smell, in particular, is very pleasant.

Kitchen barn floor

Two boys growing up.


DeShawn and Carole got to stay home from school today.

While it lasted


The weather has been relentless today, 35 degrees and raining. Forecast is for ice and snow thru tomorrow. Thus, the flurry (pardon the weather pun) of posts and updates to 118HenryStreet.net.

Big thanks to Van P., owner of the The Wood Shed here in Chester. He planed down some pine stock destined to be window sash molding and sold me a beautiful piece of antique pine to patch the hole in kitchen annex floor. The Wood Shed is one of the few in our Recommend Resources.

We updated a couple of items in the “118 Henry Street Info” section, specifically the floorplan and the network diagram. Rearranged the sidebar items a little. The additions of a “Search” widget and RSS feed are items long overdue.

Stay warm.