133t 5p33k

Two comments came in via email about the server closet.

Regards the transformation being almost unbelievable, here is a picture with the attic access door removed, showing the original attic space. Compare with “before” photo.

Big air hole

This is a shot from the attic space looking at the back of the closet wall with all the network equipment.

Server closet framing and insulation

Regards the comment requesting more details about the network config, Howard and I did a total of 12 network drops and 7 coax drops. This is the wiring bundle coming up into the attic, through the first floor, from the crawlspace. The cable TV distribution splitter is still down in the box under the house.

Wiring bundle

The servers are a Dell PowerEdge 1800 and an old Compaq P4 workstation. The Dell is running SBS 2008 and the Compaq is running Windows 2003 and ISA 2006. The black box on top of the Dell server is a disk enclosure with 4 500Gb SATA drives, RAID 5 configuration, for a total of 1.5Tb storage.

Here is detail of the networking equipment showing Linksys cable modem, Fortinet Fortigate-50b firewall, 2 Hewlett-Packard P1800-8 managed Gigabit switches, and the patch panel.

Digital thermometer in front

For those so inclined, here is the network diagram.