Some Fauna I

We’re spider friendly at 118 Henry Street. Good thing because we have lots of ’em. Two species seem to dominate, with two more species pretty common.

The most common, the funnel web spider, also known as the grass spider. There are small ones, 1/4” body size, to large ones, 1” body size. The big ones love to come inside when the weather changes in autumn. We don’t see them as much when we have cats in the house.

Not related to the Australian funnel web spiders

Next most frequently encountered is the common house spider. They tend to prefer the dark and there are bunches in the crawlspace.

We let her live there for a while to catch flies

Wolf spiders are pretty common in the yard. After we cut the long grass this year, DeShawn found a couple.

Impressive specimen from 2006

Unfortunately, black widow spiders are somewhat common at 118 Henry Street. We have killed 5 or 6 in the last 5 years. One was very unusual with markings on it’s back like this. None in the last year, cross our fingers.

For 2 years, we had orb spiders in the canna’s.

Birds eat them 🙁

We found a big moth outside the mudroom door one evening.


Big, big thanks to the Bug Guide, for all your “bug” identification needs.