Between the Ides of Iunius and Juneteenth

Not much house restoration gets done in June at 118 Henry Street. The end of school, the start of summer swim season, and vacation time cycle thru our year like snow or leaves or rain.

This past week, 2 away swim meets and 3 days at the beach, was like drinking chocolate syrup straight from the squeeze bottle. Powerful sweet, almost too much energy, and a day at home to come down from the buzz.

New friend at the SC Aquarium:

Cooper River bridge and Patriot’s Point in the background

The Chester at Camden swim meet started the week. Red cap is our swimmer.

Start of 100 yard Individual Medley

Backstroke lap

Breaststroke lap

Freestyle lap to the end of race

The last meet, yesterday at Kershaw, he had two 1st place and two 2nd place finishes.

Isle of Palms