Some Fauna II

We have a significant micro-habitat at 118 Henry Street. Our back property line is shared by 3 other huge back yards, another 4 properties on the other side of a little patch of woods for a total of over 5 acres of hilltop. There is a small moist swale coming out the woods one yard over.

Thru the back yard, we had have rabbits, possum, raccoon, and, of course, the neighbors’ cats. We had a deer walk down the street one autumn.

The anoles are some of our favorite permanent residents. They are around the house all year except during the coldest part of winter.

Early spring coloration for catching rays

There are at least 3 separate anole clan groups in our yard.

We find snakes on a regular basis, although the drought did them pretty badly.

Our favorite was Lillith. She stayed with us for over a year and even had babies in our yard.

Can’t see her? Try this.

Some REALLY good pictures of black rat snakes here.

We have many, many species of birds, but unfortunately not many pictures. Some favorites are the hummingbirds, cardinals, a big woodpecker, and even blue buntings in the spring.

After 7 years of sightings, fly-over shadows, and familiar calls, we finally got a picture of our resident red-tailed hawk.

Right outside the upstairs window!

The hawk patrols the airspace above us all year round and is especially visible in the early spring. We always kinda worried about the dog becoming baby hawk food when he’s outside.