Last of the navel watching

We’re not yet back to the normal restoration based routine at 118 Henry Street. There is still a couple of days left at the beach to fill up our free time this summer. So it’s do what we can with the peripheral elements to that house construction lifestyle…

We haven’t recovered completely from the server crashing in May. The current Local Area Network is based on Windows Home Server. There is a whole post or two in that saga. At this time: 1) We lost ALL of our email, and 2) probably not going to stay with Home Server as our main platform.

To point 1), we are sending off the Exchange .edb (email database) files to a recovery service. To point 2), the next incarnation of our network will likely be based on Small Business Server. To all the g33k readers, I promise more detailed updates as we get back on our (technology) feet and define the IT project ahead.

Not entirely obvious, we have a portal page for the websites hosted at Regularly, though infrequently, we change this entry page. There is a bit of history in those changes, so we posted links to past pages on the current one. View at your own risk.