New Friend

A few days ago, we had a new visitor to 118 Henry Street. Hard to say if they are permanent resident or just passing thru. For sure, they are not illegal, unwanted, or alien to us and are, most definitely, welcome to stay!

Carole and DeShawn were leaving the house and our new friend was seeking refuge from the sun in the shade up against the house.

New Snake Friend

Having trouble seeing them? Try this.

Summer Storm

The June swim season is almost over with only the Aquatics championship to swim. DeShawn has had a good season, the equivalent of 0.970 in baseball. The below video is from the last regular season meet, at Camden, this weekend.

In the video, all the kids are tired from 4 continuous weeks of swimming in the 100 degree heat, so their times are slow. DeShawn always manages the good start, a formidable advantage in a fatigued field.

Our swimmer in the blue cap.


The award winning breast stroke

Before the 6 P’s

My shop has been in disarray for a year or more. Tools in use but not put back, left over nails laying about, dust everywhere, etc.

Some 7 hours later, it’s organized, presentable and ready for work.



Moved things around as well as discarded many artifacts

The project du season is (long overdue) moving DeShawn upstairs to the West Bedroom. With him in his final living space, Carole and I will move our bedroom into the Master Bedroom. The Front Study is our current bedroom and will become a real study with our computers and bookshelves.

For normal people, this might be a couple of days with moving, cleaning, and re-arranging. For 118 Henry Street people, this will be several weeks of work, including refinishing some furniture, rewiring about a third of the downstairs electrical, finishing some network runs, and building a wall in the kitchen (you will have to see the final product to understand this one). Like I said, several weeks of work.

Oh, and also a little decorating…