De-Bride-ment of Frankenstein

One of the less obvious realities of old house restoration is, simply, you must replace rotten wood with good wood. The corollary of this reality is that the new, good wood must be anchored to old, good wood…sometimes difficult to find.

With the back kitchen wall, the massive sill is completely rotted thru, so not much old, good wood there to support the ceiling/roof.

The old drain pipe and notch to reach the original sink

This entire piece of sill, 3 2×10’s thick, is so weak it is cantilevered off of the foundation at the extreme right middle of the photo. It supports no weight, nor could it.

The search for good wood led us much further afield than we had suspected.

Note: this is in our kitchen

We’ve taken to calling it “Big Hole 2010”. Big hole relative to the previous floor hole, in the breakfast room.

Here is another view, this one from the addition side:

The abyss

The new 2×8 going from mid left to lower right of the photo is supported by foundation piers at multiple points. We will likely use this to our (weight bearing) advantage when construction begins.

Finally, with all the de-construction completed, we are ready to pour the footer for a new foundation pier.

Home made goodies on the way!