Routine Magic

So far, a good bit of work on the sewing room this weekend. Just not a lot of splashy visual progress.

We scraped the paint from the second of the five panel doors that will be used, hung and energized the new light over the washer, and scoped the wall where the opening to the mudroom will appear.

Locus of focus for today


  1. New pendant fixture over the washer/dryer
  2. New dryer vent
  3. Opening from mudroom into the shop
  4. Dark area of water discoloration and rot from roof leak

The part of the wall and subfloor at 4, above, is best explained by this photo from 2004:

A little roof leak, Ice Dam 2004

Before doing any structural work on that wall, we needed to see how much of the wood was rotted. After taking up the subfloor (which looked terrible), the floor joists and wall studs don’t look too bad.

Just some softness on the top of a couple floor joists

Since the sewing room/addition was not part of the original house, we have a little more freedom to decorate it. We picked Art Nouveau as our general template and Carole has picked out a smoky rose pink color as the base.

The light over the washer/dryer is the first of the decorating elements along this line. A pendant light with a flower motif, updated with CFL bulb.

Antique shade courtesy of Habitat for Humanity store

The light fixture was $15. The shade was $1…no joke.

We have a small collection of antique lighting, 8 of which were original with 118 Henry Street. Another 10 or so acquired over time.

Brass ceiling fixtures

The twin of the one on the left illuminates the mudroom. We got them from a salvage store in Charlotte. The one on the right, and it’s twin, are original to the stairwell/hallway of the house. Yes, the glass shades are antique and original too.

Our little lighting museum

The school house fixture is from a salvage house. The white cast fixture is from the house next door, we got 3 similar at the same time. One of it’s sisters is in the breakfast room. The brass pan light is original to the house and hung in the living room. We acquired, and had restored, another pan light to take its place. But this one is destined for another room at another time.