Whence, the sideboard?

A question came in by email about the sideboard featured in a couple of previous posts. To whit, what happened? did we finish it? what did it look like? After reviewing the posts in question, turns out, we have neglected the breakfast room as well as the sideboard.

In situ

It’s been in place so long, it’s become just another piece of furniture. The different kinds of wood are very obvious with the stain removed but we think it contributes to it’s appeal.

The hardest part of refinishing was aging the new brass hardware. There are several methods for turning a perfectly good, shiny piece of brass into a dark, dirty, beat up relic. These range from “age” in a bottle (just apply and wipe), to various concoctions to also tint the metal to match existing hardware.

We used copper sulfate for just that right amount of krispy

The decorative plates hanging on the wall were designed and commissioned by Carole’s cousin, Ryan Gainey. Mr. Gainey is very close to being a national treasure for his eccentric, beautiful artistry and his wonderful gardens. He had given them to Carole’s mother, who, in turn, gave them to us. Did I mention about my great mother-in-law?

Love those colors

This one is harder to see but in the breakfast room as well:

Another flora themed design