A caterpillar’s pace

Between the beginning of a new year and the end of Winter break, we’ve gotten a good bit done at 118 Henry Street in the past couple of weeks.

For a very long time, we thought the Henry Street server was on its last leg, operating system wise. Our Windows Home Server (WHS) was very unhealthy, with no backup of my workstation for months, parity errors on files, conflicts between folder duplications, and, for good measure, the random BSOD when trying to do a server backup.

We gripped for a rebuild even though the current  version of the software was discontinued and the 2011 version had yet to arrive. Facing said rebuild, we began our research and along the interweb way found other mortals with similar issues. A 9+ hour CHKDSK cycle took care of all my file/disk issues, including my workstation backup problems. The BSOD seems to be fixed by a long overdue (last one in 2007) driver update…this last little tidbit may help us at the office as well.

Green for several days, after being red for months

Also, we did a bunch of workstation maintenance on our 3 computers, including rebuilding Carole’s laptop so her webcam would work.  Don’t get me started about how a foolish peripheral manufacturer can make operating system changes that result in a rebuild..errg.

The sewing room underwent a major molt, transforming from chaotic construction zone to unfinished living space. First, a re-visit to the laundry corner:

Drywall taped, primer’ed, and delivered

Note the white line in this antique (2004) photo of the same area. We were planning the wall location even then.

Love me some dark paneling, brown shag carpet and textured ceiling…NOT!

Here’s a panorama of the current state:

Click for a full size, long download version

Contrast with this:

Again, the white mark on the paneling for planning purposes

The ceiling fan will be cleaned and put back up. We are also keeping the stove, some future resident may like it.

Not exactly emerging from a chrysalis, but development, for sure. Next stop, some flooring.