Scenes from a day

I wanted heart pine for the sewing room floor ($3-5/sq ft), Carole was taken aback at the cost of heart pine and suggested vinyl sheet flooring ($0.50-1.00/sq ft). We fell somewhere in between with some rough grade white pine (about $0.99/sq ft). The rough grade with its knots and varying grain has an old fashioned presence that goes well with the Art Nouveau concept.

Taking a lunch break

The addition and, ergo, the sewing room are not original to the house. So we have more flexibility about decoration, materials, and overall approach. With the main house, a restoration paradigm is paramount. With the addition, restoration would mean leaving it in all of it’s 1970’s glory.

Because it’s relatively soft, the white pine is easy to work with and has a nice feel to the feet. But, it is also very susceptible to dents and scratches. We are going to use colored deck stain as a first finish, followed by the usual 3 or so coats of polyurethane. In this case, we may use water based poly as it is a bit harder than oil based.

Best cut of the day:

Another concession for future owners re: the heating stove

Stay tuned for the color decision.