Tanha, Part 1

In March of 2009, I saw a beautiful piece of furniture at a popular import store. A wildly colorful painted chest, the decoration included raised gesso lines, bold primary colors, and Tibetan inspired symbology. It immediately inspired for me the concept of a network server (computer) housed behind its vivid doors.

A mobile phone picture from the time

Alas, the price was too dear for me at the time, so I resolved to do some research and see what I could purchase online to fulfill my new obsession vision.

There was much, much wooden wonder available to feed my plans. Alas, alack, again…way too expensive for my humble project.

Upper 3 digit dollars

Several months later, the heats of my passion simmered a bit and I started looking at second hand stores, ReStore shops, and chain retailers for a more fiscally appropriate starting point. As I searched, my original concept of Tibetan theme receded further and further away.

Without much clamor, the server cabinet decoration would become a result of whatever stylistic tendencies were possessed of the chosen starting furniture. With this change in vision, a walnut cabinet in our living room started looking like a good candidate. We originally fell for the tiger burl veneer, purchasing it without knowing exactly what function the cabinet would serve.

Think “steampunk” server cabinet

So, with some measurements and sketches, the planning began.

Click the image for a larger version

Details, down to the type/number of decorative bolts, cooling fans, and disk drives were compiled; a Visio drawing created, a budget calculated.

Even a “steampunk” lamp to sit on the top

Without much effort, I was into 50 hours of work and over $2000 of materials. Have I already said “Alas, alack, etc.”?

With this heavy realization, my desire waned significantly. My obsession vision, not so much. For a year or more, I was always on the look out for suitable furniture. Several times, I would create and modify sketch plans. Even flirting, however briefly, with building something from scratch…