Looking forward

It feels like we’ve been in “maintenance” mode for a very long time. Not sure if it’s going to be different for a while…sigh.

Meanwhile, an update on the aftermath of  Fujin’s visit.

About 1/3 by weight and 2/3 by volume of the tree is gone. We donated four truckloads (including a dump truck) of cut up firewood to a local church for distribution in winter time. The pieces of log you see in the foreground below need to be split before they can be used for fuel. Each one of those pieces weighs between 300 and 400 lbs., depending on the length.

Click on the image for a full size panorama

Compare to this:

A self-aggrandizing sidebar: all of the cutting done on this tree since the first weekend was done solely by your humble narrator with a 16” electric chainsaw. Including several cuts at the trunk that were bigger than the chain saw blade length.

As we carefully removed the tree’s branches, all the weight and pressure settled on the root ball and one specific branch that worked similar to the third leg of a stool. The root ball prevented the trunk log from rolling.

Removing this branch and dropping the trunk was THE engineering challenge so far

We cut a large 400+ lb. piece of the trunk from the hanging side of the 3rd leg and pushed it in place as a support (underlined in yellow on the panorama thumbnail above), Cutting the 3rd leg very carefully dropped the trunk about 2 feet with a satisfying “WHOOMP” and no additional property damage. Please note the self-aggrandizing sidebar.

The mortgage company finally came thru with some of the insurance settlement money, so we are beginning demolition of the carport. First, remove the metal roofing.

Aris has been helping me with all the miscellaneous tasks

We put the metal roofing on the carport in 2007 when we built the roof over the addition. At the time, the roofing, trim, fasteners, etc. for the carport came to about $2000. We’re going to recycle the metal for ALL the “green” reasons, if you know what I mean.