Practice makes (more) perfect

Hanging old doors in an old house requires the old skill of mortising wood for hinges. Mortising for hinges requires very sharp chisels.

Sharpening is an art unto it’s own

A good hinge mortise will exactly fit the hinge in 3 dimensions.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it all works the way it should

A beautiful fit and doesn’t swing by itself

Looking much better

All this trim is made from stock yellow pine with a table saw, router table, and chop saw.

First window we’ve trimmed completely from scratch

A good bit of wood trim to do yet, including picture rail, chair rail and a little cove molding where the ceiling meets the walls.

Just in time for cooler weather, our new helper in the addition:

No longer just a yard lizard

Not exactly 4000 words

Presented without detailed exposition, the de-evolution of the carport:

After dissection with a chainsaw

Living in the debris were hundreds of Palmetto bugs, dozens of various spiders, 4 Black Widow spiders, a baby rat snake, and, of course, an anole yard lizard.

With tree

No tree, no carport

Action shot of demolition

Stayed tuned for the next installment of the Fujin saga,