A Henry Street story

When DJ was younger, he was interested in plants. On any given Saturday I would be out in the back yard, piddling in the dirt. He would come over and ask me about what I was doing. Pointing at a patch of green leaves in the yard, he would ask, "What’s this?" or "What kind of flower does it make?" He got pretty good at telling the weeds from the flowers.

Other times in the yard, he and DeShawn would run around wild, laughing, throwing, sword fighting, tearing things up and causing me headache.

One day late in autumn, I went outside to check on them. He and DeShawn starting telling me about the wild onions they had dug up. The onions were big but didn’t taste good they said. See, we got all these flowering wild onions in the yard come spring time. I had shown both DJ and DeShawn how to dig the little white bulbs up and eat them. But things weren’t making sense, it was the wrong time of year for wild onions.

When asked, they took me over to where they discovered the onions. The boys had identified the onions by the long slender leaves and no stalk. At the fence between our yards, a dozen or so large white bulb roots strew about the ground, bite marks and chunks out of every one. Some of the bulbs were as big as a plum, others were the size of walnuts. 

The panic rose in my chest. These weren’t onions! "No wonder they tasted bad," I said, "These aren’t onions! They are antique hurricane lilies!" The bigger bulbs were likely 80-100 years old. Both DJ and DeShawn eyes widen and their jaws dropped. They immediately started to feel bad for wrecking the flower bulbs. I couldn’t be mad, though. With a smile, I asked if they would like to eat some more. Both boys declined. 

Memento mori, DJ Bell

February 17, 2012

Expiry imminent

The Xmas theme this year turned out to be “practical technology” with most of the gifts we gave and received. Internet use of our mobile phones had been rising all year and it was an easy transition for Carole to use a tablet device she got as an anniversary gift.


Carole keeping warm with her Fire

DeShawn went 21st century AND growing up in a big way, getting his first mobile phone and a tablet device.

Kitted out with tech

Your author remains a bit of a luddite with his old fashioned desktop computer and single mobile device/phone. But, with a new stereo system and phone mount in the car, at least his music can follow him down the road (not to mention GPS navigation, hands free calling, etc.).


Turns out that plaster is a very good attenuator of wireless network signal. So, to support our growing tech needs at 118 Henry Street, we installed an array of wireless access points thru the house to insure complete and thorough irradiation. One access point is downstairs in the living room, one in DeShawn’s bedroom upstairs and one in the new sewing room.

Thus, the errata to the network diagram

See you next year!

“We twa hae run about the braes,
and pu’d the gowans fine ;
But we’ve wander’d mony a weary fit,
sin auld lang syne.”

— “Auld Lang Syne” by Robert Burns

The Delphi’s riddle

Very eventful, somewhat historic, weekend…

My sons, Ben and Will, came to town to help move DeShawn upstairs to the west bedroom. Also, DeShawn had his first swim meet with his new team.

We’re gonna skip all the sentimental “kids to adults” stuff (Ben is 27 and Will is 30), and get right to some photographic evidence of change.

Little boy afraid to move upstairs by himself

Fearless pre-teen slept thru the thunderstorm first night in his new bedroom

2006 and earlier

The kid wanted his computer and TV on the same screen