Lucky 13

We cleaned up the shop and the sewing room.

Practice makes (more) perfect

Hanging old doors in an old house requires the old skill of mortising wood for hinges. Mortising for hinges requires very sharp chisels.

Sharpening is an art unto it’s own

A good hinge mortise will exactly fit the hinge in 3 dimensions.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it all works the way it should

A beautiful fit and doesn’t swing by itself

Looking much better

All this trim is made from stock yellow pine with a table saw, router table, and chop saw.

First window we’ve trimmed completely from scratch

A good bit of wood trim to do yet, including picture rail, chair rail and a little cove molding where the ceiling meets the walls.

Just in time for cooler weather, our new helper in the addition:

No longer just a yard lizard

The arbitrary line(s)

We spent days in the crawlspace to get the utilities configured for the sewing room. Maybe 3x as long as the corresponding series of professionals would have used to get the dryer vent, electrical outlets, water lines and waste water drains in place. However, like childbirth, open heart surgery, or changing a baby’s dirty diaper, it’s done, and we can get along to the next phase.

Applying a good lesson from the mudroom makeover, we “blocked” the floor joists to strengthen and stabilize the area under the washer/dryer before closing up the hole in the addition floor.

Rigid and stiff (get your mind out of the crawlspace)

After the remainder of the sewing room is completed, we will get the plumbing “wet” when we take up the kitchen floor.

The crawlspace under the kitchen is only about 10” tall and filled with steam pipes, old water pipes, animal remains (including a dead squirrel), and construction debris from the various remodels. There was no room to run the final water/drain connections thru the mess. So…sometime about January, we will tearing up the entirety of the kitchen floor to clean it all out. Might as well fix all the kitchen floor problems while it’s open, sigh.

In the most basic definition of “room”, we now have a sewing “room” (also a “shop”). The partition wall is completely framed.

The view from the shop

The laundry corner for future reference

Restoring an old house is a perverse kind of fun, sort of like mountain climbing. Maintaining an old house is more like being on a strict diet, there are parts that are just not that enjoyable despite how good it’s supposed to be. Our water heater died today after a series of intermittent failures. Instead of spending the next budget installment on drywall or flooring for the sewing room, we will buying and installing a new water heater, sigh number 2.